Bundle of 3 - Mini Collector Figures (Series 5)

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Spottedleaf and Frostpaw

These she-cats are both defined in many ways by their connection - or lack thereof - with StarClan. The new Spottedleaf mini features the reflection of a shooting star in her eyes, the sign that led to her interpreting the famous "Fire alone will save our Clan" prophecy, while the Frostpaw mini shows her holding the star-shaped dock leaf she found in her nest during the early leaderless uncertainty after Mistystar's death.

Cloudtail and Longtail

These toms both struggled in certain ways to prove their loyalty to ThunderClan. The Longtail mini features him at the very beginning of his character arc, with the iconic blue collar still hanging from his jaws and a fresh nick in his ear marking the start of his rivalry with Firestar. While Cloudtail’s disregard for the rule and a worrying fondness for kittypet comforts made his Clanmates despair of him, he also rose above the uncertainty of his youth to become a true ThunderClan warrior.

Leafpool and Crowfeather

These star-crossed lovers, from their brief time together, gave the Clans two of the three cats they needed to survive the darkness to come. Leafpool knew from her kithood that she wanted to set her paws on the path of a healer, but her love for Crowfeather left her caught between what she wanted and what she knew she was meant to be. Crowfeather had already known the pain of losing love once through the death of Feathertail, and losing Leafpool to her healer's calling broke his faith in ever finding love again, at least for a time.

3D figurines : 2 ¾” (7cm) tall.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.