SET OF 3 LARGE PLUSH - Mapleshade, Bristlefrost & Rusty

€107,50 EUR

Get all three as part of a single bundle:

MAPLESHADE: One of the most unique Warrior Cats plush to date, Mapleshade showcases the she-cat's matted fur and fierce amber eyes. There's no denying this plush will strike a deep contrast to the others on your shelf.

BRISTLEFROST: Now, here's a Warrior Cat you can cuddle up to. Complete with tufty fur and enchanting eyes, Bristlefrost is now a proud member of the official plush collection.

RUSTY: You may already have our very first Firestar plush, and now we're introducing a special edition of the flame-haired legend… it's Rusty! Complete with his kittypet collar and an innocent look in his eyes, this plush won't be in stock for long!